Monday, March 29, 2010

Lethal and Lace’s Top 10 For Week 3/29/10

10. Cyrece Delicoso – Winning the HAWX battle royal to become the #1 contender for the title has to at the very least get you a mention.

Shelly’s take: “Definitely deserving…I would probably have her higher, but whatev”

9. Kimberly Soulstar – XWA Women’s Champion but hasn’t defended her title much.

Shelly’s take: “I’ve watched Kimberly since her days as HKWF Women’s Champion. Do you think people just hand her belts?”

8. Tara Duffield – Former DCWF champion and #1 contender.

Shelly’s take: “Tara definitely deserves to be on the list, but I think she’s ranked too high.”

7. Tyress Serevi – Right now there’s nobody hotter.

Shelly’s take – “Yaaaawwwwwwn”

6. Rubie Jules (Current XWA Bombshell Champion) – May hold gold, but can she stand on her own without the Impac Mafia, that’s the question.

Shelly’s take: “How crazy is it that one of the champions isn’t even in the Top 5? Who’s doing the rankings? The BCS???”

5. Vendetta (Current HAWX Hardcore Champion) – She may have lost the XWA Women’s Title, but she’s still as tough as they come.

Shelly’s take: “There may be 4 ahead of her, but none of them are rushing to face her.”

4. Jennf Parkins – Vet who has held titles and still ranks high in every fed.

Shelly’s take: “I think Jennf showed this weekend she deserves to be in the top 5. Don’t believe me? Just ask Vendetta.”

3. Elisa Riddler ( HAWX World Champion) – Elisa’s on an incredible run and wears the HAWX title with honor.

Shelly’s take: “Elisa blew me away at After Dark. She and Kimberly set the arena on fire.”

2. Brianna Afterthought (Current DCWF Champion) – 2009 was very good to Brianna. We can only imagine how 2010 will unfold.

Shelly’s take: “She’s ok. If I ever found that I was facing her, I’d be like, how nice…a free belt!”

1. Nanny Gothly (HKWF Women’s Champion, XWA Lightweight Champion) – This past month, there hasn’t been anyone tearing it up like Nanny. Goes to show its not the size of the dog in the fight…

Shelly’s take: “She may not look like much, but this bitch knows one thing and one thing only….kicking ass!!!”

Honorable mention

Horses Morrisey, CaraWellesley, Katherine Blackadder, Paula Wilcox

10 Questions With...

As a wrestler, I’ve had to deal with my share of GM’s. All seem to be rather good at their jobs, but there’s one in particular that stands out to me. She handles double duty as XWA Primetime co-GM w/ Akasha Faulkes, and runs the upstart HAWX. Her name is Vendetta Zabaleta and she’s the first wrestler featured in “10 Questions With”…

10 Questions with…

Vendetta Zabaleta

1. Where are you currently wrestling and what belts do you have/not have?

Currently I wrestly for the XWA and HAWX (which I'm the owner of) I am the former XWA Women's Champ and the Current HAWX Hardcore Champ

2. How did it all start?

It all started with HAW... HAW is a pose ball based system. I discovered the AC Pro system and wanted to start a seperate fed within HAW for the for people who wanted more freedom in thier moves then what the poseballs could offer. Although that fed really never got off the ground thats when I met Jennf Parkin. Her and I started talking and she introduced me to the HKWF. AT first i was reluctant to join since mine and Jenn's charters were very much alike ( I did'nt wnat to step on her toes). But I did eventually join then when the XWA started up I joined up with them... I juess the rest is history

3. Who have been your 3 toughest opponents?

Jennf Parkin, Kimberly Soulstar, Nanny Gothly and Elisa Ridder (Sorry I had toname 4 for whoever out of those i left out would kick my butt)

4. If one match has defined your career thus far, who was it against and where was it?

I would have to say it was the Fatal 4 Way match at XWA Wrestle Series. It was Me against Nanny, Kimberly, and Elisa and was for the newly santioned Womens title.

5. What is it you want people to think when they hear the words “Vendetta Zabaleta”?

"Oh *&%$! Here comes that crazy Bunny Bitch again!

6. What 3 veteran wrestlers do you see stepping up into the spotlight this year?

Horses Moressy, Akasha Faulkes, and JennF Parkin

7. What 3 rookies do you see as standing out from the rest?

Shelly the Bod (and I'm not just saying that) , Cyrese Delicioso, Cara Wellsley

8. What is your favorite kind of match?

Hardcore or any match where the rules are lax or non existant. I also like inventing my own kinda matches as well

9. Who are your closest friends and worst foes?

They are all one in the same to me.... Akasha, Kim, Jennf, Nanny, Elisa, Tracy, Shelly, ...ect

10. When its all over, what do you want people to remember you for?

The Girl who was'nt afraid to try or do anything for the entrainment of the fans

Well put I’d say!

Not only does she kick ass in the ring, but she is also an EXCELLENT judge of talent!

You keep kicking ass BB!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to Lethal and Lace

Welcome to the one place that finally gives the lady wrestlers of Second Life the praise they deserve…..well some anyways.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am the one and only Shelly The Bod….pro wrestler and your guide along the many roads that the femme wrestlers of SL pave. Here’s where we can review shows, introduce the wrestlers and shout back about SL Wrestling.

Take a look around and let me know whatever’s on your tiny little minds.